Appearance Bond Procedure

  • Obtain Assessment Certificate for a property bond from the Tax Assessor on the property and name to be used for bond
  • Bring Assessment Certificate to the Clerk of Court’s office requesting a Mortgage Certificate for a property bond (Certificate cost begins at $20 for 1 name and 1 property) (Cash or Debit/Credit cards)
  • Bring Assessment Certificate and Mortgage Certificate to the Sheriff’s Office to prepare bond.
  • After preparation and all appropriate parties sign, then return to the Clerk’s office with all paperwork which must be recorded in the Mortgage Records.
  • The parties will receive a certified copy of the recorded Appearance Bond to be taken to the jail to have the person released under bond.
  • When the case is completed (found guilty, found not guilty or dismissed) the property owner should contact the Clerk’s office the following day and request that the bond be cancelled.