Marriage License


The license must be obtained at least 24 hours (1 day) prior to the ceremony and expires 30 days from the date and time of issuance.


$27.50 in cash or money order.

Newlyweds should order a certified copy of their marriage license two weeks after the marriage to insure that the license has been returned and recorded. This certified copy will also be necessary for the bride to change her name on her social security and driver’s license.  The cost is $1.00 per page plus  $5.00 to certify..


Marriage Application Requirements


1.         If parties are 18 years old and over – person appearing must have…

A.        state certified birth record or if born in another country (see requirements at bottom of page in Item “D”), social security card & valid driver’s license or ID


B.           If previously married must have certified Judgment of Divorce or Death Certificate

C.           Keep copies of all documents presented and attach to our copy of application.  If born out of      country  see item #4 below.

D.           one of the parties must appear and sign bring the above documents


2.       If parties age 16 or 17  years old –

a.                   only one person must sign application & if only one party is 18 or older that party must be the person to apply

b.                  parents of minors must sign consent form for minor to apply for license –

                         — if parents of minor married, both must sign consent form

 — if parents’ divorce and have joint custody, a certified copy of custody order         must be presented and  both must sign consent

             — if one parent has full custody, a certified copy of custody order must be         presented and that parent must sign consent form

 — if legal guardian of minor is other that a parent, a certified copy of custody        order must be presented and the guardian signs the consent

c.                   state certified copy of minors birth record must be kept my our office for one year or until minor turns 18 years, whichever is shorter time period.

d.                  if previously married must have certified Judgment of  Divorce or Death Certificate

e.                   social security number, valid ID or driver’s license

f.                    keep copies of all documents presented and attach to our copy of application unless required for us to  keep certified copy


3.                  If either party is age 15 or under

a.                   before applying – must have written authorization to marry from the judge of the court exercising juvenile jurisdiction in the parish in which the minor resides or the marriage ceremony is to be performed. (This authorization will be kept with our copy of application.)                                   

b.                  follow instructions in Section B, items 1 through 7


4..        Applicants born out of country & does not have a SS# must present:  1) a valid & unexpired passport from the country of birth or 2) unexpired Visa accompanied by a Form I-94 issued by the U.S. 3) a certified birth record & a translation sworn by fluent translator accompanied with sworn notarized statement that it is true & accurate representation of the original birth record. Copies of Item 1 or 2 will be kept but Item 3 original certified documents will be kept, but certified birth record may be return to that person after 60 days. OR 4) if Items 1 and 2 not available a Certificate of Naturalization may be used.

Keep copies of documents unless required to keep originals or certified copies for our file.

Marriage license fee is $27.50, cash only.  Must apply 24 hrs prior to ceremony..