Date: Monday, 17th of May 2021
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
40013 Karen Foster Ochterbeck Andrew D'Aquilla Anthony Allen Ochterbeck Jeffrey Rice Hrg on past periodic spousal support
44059 Ola Hughes Charles Griffin, II Bobby Hughes Divorce Hrg
45036 Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC Keith Frey Miracle Lane mot for SJ & contradictory Hrg see faxed letter pwod
45239 Leslie Schindler Laurie Marien John Gabriel Ligon Harley Brown Hrg Contempt, Atty fees, interim spousal support & other matters
45385 Pamela Hamilton Bourgeois John Dale Powers Dixon Corr Institute, et al Christine Keenan Hrg on Mot for SJ & Rule to show cause letter faxed from atty to remove from docket
45600 Barclays Bank Delaware Paul Brennan Shacelle Hill Hrg on Mot for SJ
45798 One Main Financial Group, LLC Leigh Melancon Kirby Angela Montgomery Confirmation
45842 Unifund CCR, LLC Leigh Melancon Kirby Bart R Lee Confirmation
45957 Neighbors Federal Credit Union Stacy Grove Butler Craigory Payne Hrg on Judgment Debtor
46047 One Main Financial Group, LLC Leigh Melancon Kirby James Nelson Confirmation
46187 Citibank N.A. Leigh Melancon Kirby Gene Spear Confirmation
46429 Conn Appliances INC Leigh Melancon Kirby Abraham Keller Confirmation
46477 East Feliciana Parish School Board Haley Major Green Ora Carter, et al Pay or Appear
46481 Micha Moore Clyde Warren Young, II Pay or Appear Pd new date 7/19/21
46495 Citibank N.A. Leigh Melancon Kirby Pamela K Bond Confirmation
46512 Oneika Taylor Floyd Falcon, Jr. The State of LA, et al Peter Giarrusso Hrg on Exceptions
46555 Edward Gale Smith, Jr. Harley Brown Taneka Marie Dunn Hrg to establish custody
46580 Republic Finance LLC Charles E. Spedale Jana Devall Confirmation
46594 Kevin Campbell, Jr. Joseph Zahorchack Kristen Campbell Confirmation
46603 Jami Cavin Josh Cavin Cy D'Aquila Hrg on Divorce
46636 Laqeisha George Travis Gibbs, Sr. Hrg on a Protective Order
46639 Kristie Cutrer Gregory Cutrer Hrg on Protective Order& reconventional demand
990291 Audrey Lamb Adoption of: Hearing
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