Date: Wednesday, 9th of September 2020
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
34741 Larry Conner Weverlyn Conner Sydney Picou Walker Status Conference
40760 General Electric Capital Corp et al Blake Oakes Danny Hobgood et al Andrew D'Aquilla Hrg on Injunction
45128 Mabel Lane Johnson Carmen Hebert Succession Of: Robin Cheatham Mot to Compel
45192 Calandra Tate Heidi Vessel Willie Young Kathleen Wilson Mot to modify custody & suspend child support
45646 Glenda Kelly Keith Kelley Pay or Appear Paid new date for 10/19/2020
45684 Haile Jeanette Branam Jeffery Michael Heggelund Custody of: Hrg on Mot to Dismiss proceedings or for return of minor child
45838 Chance Edwards Charles Griffin, II Alison Nicole Cavin Shannon Fay Hrg on Mot for Exparte order & Order for immediate custody & mod of previous jdg
45953 Margaret Moore Orin Hollingsworth Pay or Appear
46013 Alan C. Ryan Andrew D'Aquilla Veronica Ann Appleby Ryan Hrg on filing Detailed Descriptive list
46096 State of La Venise L. Johnson Edward Brooks, Jr. Hrg on Why Judgment Should Not Be Rendered
46161 St of LA et al Peter Giarrusso Colin Landry et al Gregory Kent Moroux, Jr. Mot to transfer
46211 Katherine Tinkler Norton Justin Mullens Pay or Appear
46280 Brittany O'Brien Jessie Garig Pay or Appear
46300 Dianna Quiet Wilson Sydney Picou Walker Josseph Wilson, Jr Heidi Vessel Hrg on Rule for use of Property & injunction
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