Date: Monday, 13th of July 2020
Division: B
Judge: William G. Carmichael
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Tara Joiner
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
38185 Effie Bickham Dooley Robert L. Dooley,IV Andrew J. D'Aquilla Hrg to Reset Child Support and Expenses
41267 Coburn Supply Company Ceighton B. Abadie Jason Blount/Feliciana Heating & Air Hrg on Judgment Debtor Rule
43621 Kentwood Cooperative Janna Underhill Stacy M. Zion Hrg on Judgment Debtor Rule Pass per fax
45303 Christine Marie Williams Demetruis Green Pay or Appear PD new date 8/10/2020
45497 Shayh Brown Jacob Brown PAID IN FULL / Pay or Appear
45546 Gwendolyn Jarvis Graham Bosworth State of La, Dept of Health & Hospitals et al Dennis Phayer Hrg on Dilatory Exception
45643 Danielle Nicole Pennington Sydney Walker Logan Blair Lato Hrg on Judgment of Divorce
45695 Patrick Ryan Lynch R. Graham Arnold Kristi Dugas Lynch Confirmation
45808 Kylie Gale Renee Mitchell Justin Lee Langlois Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45822 Shanika Galmon Earnest Dewayne Henderson Hrg on paternity, child, ins & other matters
46153 Dr. Michael Kramer David Opperman East Feliciana Parish Hrg on Petition for Writ of Mandamus & Motion to Compel Reset per fax
46215 Decorey J. Straughter Yoursheka George Bianca Turner Hrg on Paternity, Custody and Visitation DEF CALLED/HAS COVID
46231 Veronica Jackson Reginald Cain, Jr. Pay or Appear
46238 Amanda Harris et al Amy Kern In Re: Hrg mot to approve gest carrier contract
46244 Nicole Danielle Chavers Ferlin Van Mulkey Hrg on Custody and Other Matters
46254 Mary Pace Guidry R. Graham Arnold George Alan Guidry Hrg on TRO, Interim Spousal Support and Other Matters CONT TIL 9-14-2020
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