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The Clerk's Office receives and files all pleadings such as petitions, answers and exceptions in Civil, Family, Probate, Juvenile and Adoption matters as well as Indictments, Bills of Information and other filings in Criminal matters. It is the gate through which all proceedings must pass to reach the Court of trial. Each lawsuit, succession proceeding and criminal matter is entered on a docket, assigned a number and indexed for ready reference. The office issues all process, such as citation or notice of the defendants, for service by the Sheriff and subpoenas all witnesses to be used on the trial of Civil, Family and Probate. Daily minutes of the Court are kept in which is entered a brief summary of all proceedings had in each matter.


Civil Fees

Effective January 1, 2014

Please Request Refund at Conclusion of Suit

New Suit with (1) service  250.00
                  With TRO or Rule  325.00
                  With TRO and Rule  400.00
                   Each additional service              75.00
New Suit with no service


Answer & Reconventional Demand w/1 service  225.00
Protective Orders  Actual Cost
Garnishments  250.00
Judgment Debtor Rule w 1 service  175.00
Successions  250.00
Subsequent Pleadings with 1 service  175.00
  Each Additional Service    75.00
  Without service  100.00
Motion and Order to Continue with service  125.00
  Without service  100.00
Motion and Order for Appeal       225.00
      More than 2 attys-add $30.00 each  
Clerk's Suit  225.00
Summons/Subpoena    75.00
  Payment of Civil Witness Fees Prior to Issuance:  
  Per Day Witness Fee       25.00
  Hotel & Meal (if more than 25 miles from Courthouse)         5.00
  Mileage (per mile, going and returning) .         16
  Law Enforcement Officer Witness Fee       40.00

Should it be necessary to have a party served through the Secretary of State, please send additional checks payable to the Secretary of State in the amount of $50.00 and payable to Sheriff of East Baton Rouge in the amount of $27.20.

Sheriffs which require payment in advance are:
Bossier Parish - $20.00 + mileage Pointe Coupee - $20.00 + mileage
Caddo Parish- St. Helena Parish- $20.00
East Baton Rouge Parish - $20.00 + mileage St. Mary Parish - $20.00 + mileage
Jefferson Parish - $20.00 Tangipahoa Parish - $20.00
Natchitoches Parish - $20.00 + mileage Terrebonne Parish - $20.00 + mileage
Plaquemine Parish- $20.00  
Pointe Coupee-  $20.00 + mileage West Baton Rouge Parish - $24.00 per paper

These Advance Deposit fees include the statutory judicial fees as provided in R.S. 13:10.3


Thank you for your cooperation!
(Updated 1/01/14)




  Regular $ 1.00 per page
  Certified $ 5.00


Criminal Background Check


$ 10.00 per name

Expungement Fees

Four separate U.S. Postal Money Orders for the following:


$200.00 to Clerk

$250.00 to State Police

$50.00 District Attorney

$50.00 to Sheriff


Extract of Court Minutes


$ 15.00




Peace Bonds


$ 15.00




$ 20.00

**Requests for local subpoenas should be filed 10 days
before court date.
**Requests for out-of-town subpoenas should be filed
30 days before court date.
**In a misdemeanor case, we can issue up to 6 subpoenas
for free.
**In a felony case, we can issue up to 16 subpoenas 
for free.


Kathryn E. Jones, Judge - Div. A
William G. Carmichael, Judge - Div. B
20th Judicial District Court

**Civil Rule Dates 
(Click on date to view docket)

November 2016

Wednesday, November 02, 2016 / Division (B) **
Friday, November 04, 2016 / Division (A) **
Monday, November 07, 2016 / Division (A) **
Thursday, November 10, 2016 / Division (A) **
Monday, November 14, 2016 / Division (B) **
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 / Division (B) **
Thursday, November 17, 2016 / Division (B) **
Monday, November 21, 2016 / Division (A) **
Monday, November 28, 2016 / Division (B) **
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 / Division (B) **

December 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016 / Division (A) **
Wednesday, December 07, 2016 / Division (A) **
Thursday, December 08, 2016 / Division (A) **
Monday, December 19, 2016 / Division (A) **

January 2017

Wednesday, January 04, 2017 / Division (A) **
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 / Division (A) **
Monday, January 30, 2017 / Division (A) **


East Feliciana Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court in Louisiana fulfills a dual function. Under the Constitution of Louisiana, he is the Clerk of the District Court for his parish and at the same time is the Ex-Officio Recorder of deeds, mortgages and other instruments. In addition, he is also the Chief Election Officer of the Parish.


In its function as recorder, the office receives, files and enters on a daily register all mortgages and other instruments to be recorded in the Public Records of the Parish. These instruments are then routed and assigned for recordation in the appropriate record books maintained for the different categories to which they relate.

In addition to being Chief Election Officer of the Parish, the Clerk is also the Parish Custodian of Voting machines, with the responsibility of delivering the voting machines to their precincts. Other duties require the Clerk of Court to notify all Commissioners and Deputy parish Custodians of their duties and responsibilities on election day. After an election, he is required by law to open each voting machine used in an election, record the number of votes, reseal the machines and report the totals to the Board of Election Supervisors.
No tax money is provided for the operation of the office except for residence, utilities and some modifications. The fees collected for recordings, certified copies and services rendered in connection with civil, probate and criminal proceedings are established by statute. All salaries and expenses of the office are paid out of the fees. This makes the Clerk of Court's office almost entirely self-supporting.


Land Records

The Land Records Department houses the indexes which reflect encumbrances and is where the Mortgage Records are located (mortgagor, mortgagee, UCC financing statements, and chattel mortgages). These encumbrances represent a debt or some other claim of money owed (mortgage, lien, judgement, etc.).

One of the primary functions of the Land Records Department is issuing Mortgage Certificates. These certificates are issued under official seal and certification reflecting all mortgages and privileges against the person and property stated on the certificate. Mortgage Certificates are requested by individuals, attorneys, banks, and other lending institutions.

Also, the Land Records Department cancels Encumbrances from the Mortgage Records. After the document has the cancellation noted, it is then recorded in the Recording Department.


ACT 169



I. All cancellations must be by Request for Cancellation (CC 3366)



1. Request for Cancellation (Form RFC 1)(and)

2. Authentic form signed by Obligee of Record (Form RFC 2)that

acknowledges satisfaction and directs the clerk to cancel its recordation



(R.S. 44:107)

1. Request for Cancellation (Form RFC 1) (and)

2. Paraphed Note marked “paid” or “cancelled” (or)

3. An Act of Release executed before a notary who certifies in the act that

the obligation was presented to him by the holder and owner and that

he paraphed it for identification with the Act of Release



(R.S. 44:108)

1. Request for Cancellation (Form RFC 1) (and)

2. Certified Copy of Order or other document evidencing the extinction



(R.S. 44:109)

1. Financial Institution may comply with R.S. 44: 106 -108) or

2 An authentic act stating the following: (Form RFC 3)

a. institution was the obligee or authorized agent at the time the

obligation was extinguished (or)

b. institution is the obligee or authorized agent of the obligee (and)

c. type of institution

d. its licensing or regulatory authority

e. that the obligation has been paid or otherwise satisfied or

extinguished and directs the recorder to cancel its recordation


NOTE: A financial institution, in lieu of filing a separate “request for cancellation”

may combine it in one form.


NOTE: A licensed financial institution is any person licensed or regulated by La. Office of Financial Institutions, or any bank, credit union, lending agency, or other person conducting such a business

that is licensed or regulated by another state or U.S.






1. Request for Cancellation (Form RFC 1) (and)

2. Signed Application for cancellation




1. Request for Cancellation (Form RFC 1) (and)

  2. Certificate from Clerk of Court (Suit Department) that no suit or motion has been filed for
  revival of judgment or certified copy of judgment rejecting the demands to revive the judgment.




(R.S. 9:5167E)

No change in law

1. Affidavit from the notary that states:

a.Description of promissory note and the property

b.That the affiant did satisfy the note

c.That the affiant did receive the note marked “Paid in Full” from the last holder of the note,

d.That the note was lost or destroyed while in the affiant’s custody and

e.That the affiant agrees to hold harmless the clerk of court or recorder of mortgages

f.A statement that the affiant has made a due and diligent search for the last holder and last

holder cannot be located and one year has elapsed since recordation of the act of sale or mortgage or

g.Accompanied by an affidavit from the last holder stating that the promissory note marked

“Paid in Full” was delivered to the notary



(R.S. 9:5167.1)

No change in law

1. Affidavit of authorized officer of a title insurance business that states:

a. Affiant is an authorized officer of title insurance business, the

closing notary public or the attorney which made the payment

b.Affidavit is made on behalf of the mortgagor or an owner of the

property encumbered by the mortgage

c.Mortgagee provided a payoff statement with respect to the loan

secured by the mortgage

d.The affiant has ascertained that the mortgagee has received

payment of the loan in accordance with the payoff statement, as

evidenced by:

1.A bank check, certified check, or escrow account check which

has been negotiated by or on behalf of the mortgagee or

2.Other documentary evidence of the receipt of payment by the

mortgagee including but not limited to verification that the

funds were wired to the mortgage

e. More than 60 days have elapsed since the date payment was

received by mortgage has not returned documentary authorization

for cancellation

f. Mortgagee has been given at least 15 days notice in writing of the

intention to execute and record an affidavit in accordance with

this Section with a copy of the proposed affidavit attached to the

written notice

g. The names of the mortgagor and the mortgagee, date of mortgage

and the book and page, or folio or clerk’s file number

h. Attached documentary evidence that payment has been received

by the mortgagee including a copy of the payoff statement.



Mortgage Certificates & Lien Certificates

Requesting a Mortgage Certificate:

  • must be written request
  • names exactly the way you want searched
  • legal description of property to be searched

Mortgage Certificates cover a 10 year period prior to search date.

  One Name - One Definable Property $20.00
  Each Additional Definable Property $20.00
  Each Additional Name $10.00
  Each Exception After 10th $ 1.00

Requesting a Clear Lien Certificate:

  • must be written request
  • owner and contractor names as shown on contract
  • description/job #/project# - to be searched

Search period begins date of contract.
  Clear Lien Certificate $20.00

Recording Fees

Conveyance – Mortgage – UCC’s
Recording Requirements & Fees
(Effective 09/01/2014)

For the purpose of establishing the filing and recording fee, every document filed:

Shall be captioned as to type of act on first page 
 have first page top margin of two (2”) inches 
have bottom and sides margin of one (1”) inch
 not have type smaller than 8 point

Any document not in compliance, shall be an additional Ten ($10.00) Dollars.
  First Page – per book $35.00*
  Subsequent Page(s) – per book $10.00
  If 10 pages or more each page $8.00
  Multiple Indebtedness Mortgage – page 1 $35.00*
  All subsequent pages $10.00
  Indexing (each name after 1st) $5.00
  Map - larger than legal & up to 24” x 24” $35.00*
  Map – larger than 24” x 24” $55.00*

  Request to Cancel (1-page) $35.00*
  Each additional page (note = 1 page) $10.00

Multiple Cancellations (each additional)
Indexing (each name after 1st)


  Civil Certificate (search to cancel prescribed judgment) $15.00

  Certified Copy (at recording if copy provided) $5.00
  Stamped Copy (at recording if copy provided) $3.00
  Copies – per page $1.00

Real Estate Mortgage Certificate & Lien Certificate
  One Name – One Definable Property $20.00
  Each Additional Definable Property $20.00
  Each Additional Name $10.00
  Each Exception after 10th $1.00


UCC-1 (fees based on 1 debtor & includes $5.00 termination fee)

  Financing Statement $30.00
  Financing Statement w/Assignment $35.00
  Financing Statement w/Fixture Filing $40.00
UCC-3 (fees based on 1 debtor)
  Amend/Continue/Assign/Debtor Correction $25.00
  Additional Debtor(s) each $10.00
  Attachments-per page $ 2.00
  Non-Standard Form Penalty $15.00
UCC-1F – Farm Product $20.00
  Farm Product & UCC $35.00
UCC-11 Certificate Per Debtor $30.00
  Each Exception after 10th $1.00

  Local-per page $1.00
  Long Distance – 1st page $5.00
  Subsequent page $1.00

*Includes $5.00 for Police Jury R.S.33:1236(55)(c)

*Includes $5.00 for LACRAA R.S. 13:754

(updated 06/14/2006)

Marriage License


The license must be obtained at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the ceremony and expires 30 days from the date and time of issuance.


$27.50 in cash or money order.

Newlyweds should order a certified copy of their marriage license two weeks after the marriage to insure that the license has been returned and recorded. This certified copy will also be necessary for the bride to change her name on her social security and driver’s license.  The cost is $1.00 per page plus  $5.00 to certify..


• Both parties must appear in person and have all necessary documentation as follows:

Age--18 years of age.
If applicant is 16 or 17 years of age, written notarized consent of both parents’ is required. If younger than 16 years of age, written notarized consent of both parents’ and written permission from a Judge is required. Applicants under 18 the certified birth record must be held  for one year or until minor turns 18, which ever is shorter time period.

• State certified copy of birth certificate or birth card for both parties.( If either party was born out-of-country, a certified birth record as well as a translated birth certificate. The translation shall contain a sworn notarized declaration of the translator that he/she is fluent in the language of original birth certificate, and the translation is a true and accurate representation of original. A valid and unexpired passport or Visa accompanied by a Form I-94 issued by the United States, verifying that the applicant is lawfully in the United States.) Certified birth records MUST be held for 60 days for all applicants are 18 years and older. 

•If either party is divorced, presentation of the final divorce decree.

• If either party is widowed, presentation of death certificate.

Social security numbers and current mailing addresses.

• Valid Drivers License or Government ID


• Same as above with the following exceptions:

Both parties must appear and present a notarized Affidavit and Attestation and a Declaration of Intent.

(UPDATED 01/04/2016)



This department is responsible for coordinating and administering all scheduled elections; assuring compliance with the election code which is Title 18 of the Revised Statutes; conducting General Commissioner schools, Pre-Election schools, Commissioner-in-Charge schools; maintaining a close working relationship with the Commissioner of Elections, Registrar of Voters, Council Administrator's office, and delegates from respective governing authorities, Secretary of State, Board of Election Supervisors, the East Feliciana Parish School Board, the news media, the Election Commissioners of this parish along with maintaining their data base; requesting Attorney General opinions; qualifying local and municipal candidates; tabulating and certifying election returns; fulfilling duties as Chief Election Officer of the parish and Parish Custodian of Voting Machines and as a member of the Board of Election Supervisors.



Clerk of court David Dart is looking for dedicated East Feliciana parish residents to serve as commissioners on election days. 

 Earn $200.00 a day!

    In accordance R. S. 18:424 and R. S. 18:425, you must have the following qualifications to serve as a commissioner: 

  1. You must be able to vote without assistance.
  2. You shall not be a candidate for election to public office or a member of the immediate family of a candidate for election to public office in the precinct  which you serve.
  3. You may be selected to serve in a precinct other than the ward in which you are registered to vote.
  4. You must not have been convicted of an election offense.
  5. You must have attended a course of instruction for commissioners and have received a certificate of instruction for such attendance within the primary election in which you will serve.

Please make written application to attend the Commissioner’s School at the following address:


 Please state your name, address, telephone number, and Precinct in which you live.  A certificate of instruction will be given to those completing this course. 

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