Date: Monday, 22nd of July 2019
Division: B
Judge: William G. Carmichael
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Tara Joiner
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
41119 Maria I. Hindsley Heidi Vessel Michael Ray Hindsley Teresa Hatfield Hrg to Modify Child Support FAX LT/PASS/MATTER SETTLED
41852 Wendell Flowers Brent K.Delee Succession of Teresa Hatfield Hrg on Opposition to Petition for Appt of Administrator
42882 Marvin Carter et al Delshadee Scott Kathleen Wilson Hrg on Rule for Contempt & Modify Custody
43330 Felicia Covington Williams Shawn Bernard Lawrence Williams, Jr. Pre-Trial/Status Conference
43548 Rebecca Lejeune Candice Roberts Pay or Appear on Protective Order
44434 Jerry Jordan Andrew Reynolds Foremost Insurance Co. A. Gregory Rome Status Conference
44548 William Carmena et al Robert H. Harrison, Jr. Michael O'Connell Henri Saunders Hrg to Enforce Judgment & Motion for Contempt AGREEMENT HAS BEEN REACHED AS PER LT
44767 Demetria Hurst Lee Matt Terrell Progressive Casualty Hearing on Motion to Continue PASS HRG AS PER FAX LT 7-18-19
44813 Gwendolyn F. Williams Scott James Scott Pay or Appear on Protective Order PAID IN FULL
45087 Gwendolyn F. Williams Scott James Scott Pay or Appear on Protective Order RESET FOR 8-12-19
45158 Rachel Dupuy Corban P. Michelle Duncan Jonathan Morgan/Susan Uber Seth Dornier Review Hearing
45259 William Olin Bohannon et al Brent K.Delee Succession of Hrg on Rule to Return Decendent's Interest in Accounts
45486 Dept of Corrections Credit Union Louis A. Delahaye Brian Michael Sharp Confirmation
45537 Robert Davidson Melanie n. Jones Muriel Williams Sydney Walker Hrg on Custody and Other Matters LETTER/PASS HRG/ENT STIPULATION
45624 Tierra Whitfield Cameron Curtis Pay or Appear on Protective Order CONT TIL 9-23-19
45653 Carick Holdings Julie McCall Admin Resource & Glenn Sasscer Confirmation
45702 Lacey Young Andrew D'Aquilla Jason Young Hrg on Divorce
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