Date: Monday, 17th of September 2018
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Sylvester Girior
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
42457 Kimberly Rogers Frederick Jones The State of La/Dept of Corrections William Dodd Hrg on Motoin for Summary Judgment
42948 Chavella L.T.Dupre, III Keith Fowler Contempt Rule
44149 Johnny Wesley Adams Jesse Cannon Kelli Blocker Anne Richey Hrg to Modify Custody
44458 Pamela Rogers Jerry Rogers Hrg on Divorce
44745 Corey James Johnson P, Michelle Duncan Heather Bowman Hrg on Contempt & Custody
45110 Catina Davis Jamey Winded Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45208 Blake Reine Donna Grodner Sergeant Franklin Status Conference
45245 Cassandra R. Goodson P. Michelle Duncan Jonathan W. Howell Jeanie Abbott Hearing on Cusody
45275 Robert Maxwell Andrew D'Aquilla Naomi Ruth Wheat Hrg on Rule for Custody
990279 Adoption
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