Date: Monday, 13th of August 2018
Division: B
Judge: William G. Carmichael
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Tara Joiner
Baliff: Sylvester Girior
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
38950 Brandon K. Phillips Jamie P. Phillips Felix "Andy" DeJean Hrg on Rule for Paternity, Custody and Other PASS AS PER LETTTER
39821 James C. Carmesin Kasey Hughes Soulier Hrg on Relocation of Principal Residence RESET 8-13-18
43577 Midland Funding Greg Eaton Jami Fooshee Confirmation
44088 Megan Miller Sims Heidi Vessel Willie Sims, Jr. John London, III Hrg on Motion to ModifyVisitation and Other FILED MOTION TO CONT.
44331 Portfolio Recovery Assoc Jason Patrick Cathy C. Beavers Hrg on Motion for Summary Judgment
44525 Heather Hunt Williamson Randall Wayne Willamson Lawrence T. Dupre, III Hrg on Judgment of Divorce
44659 Midland Funding Greg Eaton Paul Severio Confirmation
44759 Barbara Owen Newby Sydney Picou Walker Timothy Dewayne Newby Anne Richey Rule for Final Divorce
44978 National Collegiate Greg Eaton Catina Selders Confirmation
44994 Kaylene DeFrancischi Shane Blankenship Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45075 Malcolm Campbell, Sr Yoursheka D. George Alexus G. Bennett Ebony Cavalier Review Hearing
45142 Shannon Knighten Damon Daniel Rule Show Cause on Payment of Court Cost
45158 Rachel Dupuy Adrian Carter Ross Jonathan Morgan Terrell L. Dupard Hrg on Exparte Custody & Other
45160 George Reverend Turner Carol Lexing East Feliciana Parish Police Jury Ben Mayeux Hrg on Writ of Mandamus& Hrg on Exceptions
45172 Ashley Carol Alexander Thomas Richard Abington, Jr. Hrg on Divorce
45187 Aneisha Davis Kenard Gaines Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45199 Chiquo K. Fleming Leonard K. Fleming Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45207 Karen R. Johnson Harold W. Johnson Pay or Appear on Protective Order PAID IN FULL
45215 Ashley H. Rush John G. Sanders Pay or Appear on Protective Order PAID IN FULL
45227 Patricia Harrell Barber Joe B. Smith Pay or Appear on Protective Order PAID IN FULL
45232 Danielle Washington In proper person Robert Sanders Rule to Establish Paternity PASS AS PER LT
45235 Danielle Escue Lea Andrew D'Aquilla Andrew Cody Lea Hrg on Divorce, Custody, and Child Support
45239 Leslie Schindler Charles Griffin, II John Gabriel Ligon Hrg on Rule for Injunction, Custody and Other
45241 Shelby Bankston Lawrence Dupre, II Robert A. Guillory, Jr. Hrg on Custody and Other ENT STIPULATION
45242 Erica Matthews Woodrow Matthews Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45244 Charles E. Young, III L.T.Dupre, III Kourtney Peel Hrg on Custody and Other
45270 Kali Douglas Nathan Sagely Hrg on Protective Order
971474 State of La, Support Enf Richard Larson Carleton Crocker Hrg on Exceptions
990277 Adoption
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